Custom Trade Show Rentals by Exhibit People


We’re a full service exhibit company based in Las Vegas. We provide trade show consulting, exhibit design, trade show rentals, project management and a host of trade show services. We’ll help you stand out on the show floor. We’re located in Las Vegas and our specialty is cost effective trade show display rentals. Trade Show Rentals offer greater flexibility, allowing you to keep pace as your company grows and the market changes. Still, when buying a new booth display makes more sense, we make that easy too. All our exhibit designs are 8889562861

Overall we make developing your custom trade show rental or purchase easy. We give you easy tools to help you show our exhibit designers your likes and dislikes. We give you testimonials to help you know how we perform. For those who like to be fully informed, we give you cost saving insider tips to help you get the most from your trade show marketing investment. We’ll develop a custom exhibit design and proposal tailored to your needs, and we’ll do it for free in 3 business days!

Priced Exhibit Design Ideas


Browse our best exhibit designs conveniently grouped by size. These are Exhibit Design Ideas intended to show you trade show display and design elements that might spark some interest. Our goal is to help you generate a set of likes and dislikes as a starting point. This is the kind of direction our designers build on to develop your custom exhibit design. Browse exhibit designs, review details and send us a design request, we’ll take it from there. 703-524-0881

Best-in-Show Photo Ideas



We send our exhibit designers onto the show floor to find and photograph the best exhibit designs. Viewing the exhibit designs in context makes it easier to see how well a design stood out and how well the space was used. Our library of trade show photos are just another tool intended to help you identify what you like and what you don’t to better communicate with our exhibit designers, helping them to develop a custom trade show display design tailored to suit you and your needs. (316) 347-6063

Our Design Elements