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Current Position: Masters student, Evolutionary Systems Biology
I am in it to find more accurate ways to diagnose and safer ways to treat diseases by understanding genes and their underlying networks. With a LOT of data being generated in healthcare, curating and understanding all this information will lead to cures more targeted than EVER! This big picture will also be why we maybe able to someday build our own viable organisms from scratch. Maybe even put our own seeds of life on other planets? Just thinking out loud. Anyhow, whether it is a career in healthcare fighting diseases or in synthetic biology creating custom life, we can be sure that Systems Biology will open new exciting doors! Want to get updates on the other stuff I do? Then scroll down. See you there!

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  • India’s new 'Biologist' Principal Science Advisor – What could this mean? (A quick glance)
    As a student of the living world, the prospect of a biologist taking over as the PSA is refreshing. While it is selfish to expect a reform bias towards biotech and related disciplines, there is no doubt expertise will unintentionally trickle down to the same result. Granted there is a lot of room for improvement […]
  • Blockchain – The decentralization Science was long awaiting
    It may seem like I am getting on the Blockchain wagon like the many 100’s we see daily. Really though, this idea was brewing long before rising bitcoin values attracted eyes to Blockchain technology. In fact, many other contexts aside, decentralized knowledge creation is one of the more natural inheritors of Blockchain. Before I make […]
  • Being a Global Citizen: What does it truly mean?
    I must first start with why this topic sparked off in my head and why it is relevant to initiate this kind of conversation at the earliest. As you read this, the world is making great strides in all imaginable aspects. New technologies, cures and innovations emerge and disrupt the world every second. Surrounded by […]

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  • pre-explode
    A new era for Indian Science? One person cannot completely change the system. Not without help from us. Let us participate more in the process. Tweet @kvijayraghavan your pointers, feedback and criticism. The change starts with us! As a student of the living world, the prospect of a biologist taking over as the PSA is […]

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Encephalocosm: The Future of Science Communication

Science is a process that makes sense only when decentralized in communication and authentication. Open science journal communication is a great initial step towards that goal, but maybe we can do more. With many advances in technology based forms of communication, ideas, concepts and implementations can be far more engaging, transparent, and quick to reach […]

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A cells existence through time could be perceived as discrete states. Under such a view, these states are controlled by gene expression networks. This project aims to estimate new parameters that regulate the stability of the transition of a genetic system from one network to another. The parameter in specific here is the ‘Gene Echo […]